I have the privilege of volunteering at the Gallatin County Detention Center. Twice weekly I teach Hatha Yoga and once a week, a class in Cultivating Consciousness loosely based on the Evolution Revolution handbook. The Detention Center supports the EvoRevo class by purchasing books that the inmates may keep in their possession in the pods, which they are also permitted to take with them when they are discharged.

While there aren't many who are attracted, those who attend are deeply appreciative. They are pleased by the effect of the exercises on their bodies; grateful for the deep relaxation process which enables them a period of peace in a relentless day and the experience of freedom whilst incarcerated; moved by the new perception of Life offered, and transformed in the process.

On my part, I go in, conduct a class, and come out high.


…..as an addict it’s important to be able to stay focused and know what you can and can’t control or change from day to day. I’ve learned through the Evolution Revolution class how to be more aware of what’s going on inside and around me.

This is important because without awareness discomfort can follow, but through personal meditation and understanding, I have learned how to deal with discomfort, let it go and know “this too shall pass.”

 …So again, thank you for what is offered in the jail. I have gotten a lot out of my time here.

Female (30something)

This individual is now back in society, living with her family and successful in her recovery.



I’m not sure if words could ever express how unbelievably thankful I am to have made the mistakes and wrong decisions I have, to land me in this wonderful place. I would never have had this amazing opportunity to challenge my body and mind in the way I have the past few weeks…

I’m forever in your debt, because you gave me wonderful amazing tools that not only changed who I am, but now I can touch others’ lives the way you’ve touched mine. You and your awesome book have really brought perspective and meaning and this Brilliant light into my life…

I have never felt more at peace in my life and want to continue down this amazing unknown path you’ve started me on. Thank you…You challenge every fiber of my being.. 

Female (20something)  

Doing time in jail creates many emotions...being able to handle them is the key to getting through doing time. I took this opportunity to use it as Sahara said: as a Retreat. It wasn't as nice as being in Maui, but it was free and I took advantage of it totally.

...The mind is an incredible thing God has created. But not letting it control me is even more incredible.

...What I am able to do now is use the tools  that I learned and know how to deal with all and every situation that comes up in my life.

Male (40something)  

This individual has been transferred to a six-month treatment program.

Subsequent communication, after release:  

I have had an experience that has changed me from the inside out. And without your help I would have had such a difficult time staying focussed. Thank you once again Sahara for the things you taught me. It so much helped me in jail and treatment, and more important right now today! I am living in the NOW. God bless you, you wonderful lady.

The most beneficial thing I am learning is the value of being the master of my mind, and also my body. By being aware of my thoughts I am able to have the blessed opportunity of choice: I can choose to respond in a way that doesn't hurt me or others—and in fact, is helpful...This awareness transcends into every area of my life.

...I have everything I need to make it in life within me. I can now look back at my past and have compassion for myself, not to be confused with pity.

In addition I have learned the value and importance of my speech. I am aware and careful of what words I use. Do they express the truth? Do they need to be heard? Do they need to be said by me? It is about paying attention and caring.

...I am very lucky to have this knowledge and the support to use it.

Female (30something)

This individual is now in a state prison, beginning a five-year sentence.

Evolution Revolution should be a required class for humanity.

It was the perfect answer to a question I was not aware I was asking. Sahara simplifies the challenging quest toward awareness, and provides steps to achieve a higher consciousness for a better world.

Female (50something)

Awaiting trial. (Subsequently found not guilty after 10 months in jail.)

In fact, one of the most helpful and inspirational books I found on the book cart was The Evolution Revolution, which incredibly turned out to have been authored by Saharadevi, a GCDC volunteer...

...I will no doubt be taking these practices with me when I leave here. I'm very grateful to have been given such tools that will assist me in the quality of my life of recovery that a person like myself must lead.

Saharadevi is an invaluable resource to the community through her dedication to the inmates here at GCDC. I am optimistic about what I am capable of in the future now.

A million-billion thank-yous.

Male (20something)

Released back into the community

I first met Sahara in December 2012 by attending her Yoga class. I was delighted by her knowledge, her exactness and her great sense of joy. I proceeded to participate in her Evolution revolution study, in which I began to learn the completeness of her message. I began to attend both on a regular basis and my association with her became my favorite time of the week. Through training my body and educating my mind I have become a conscious, awake being. Through exploring my awareness, the reduction of judgment, and experiencing each diamond moment right here right now, I am a changed, joyful person. I thank you, Sahara, throughout all time.

Female (50something)

Saharadevi and her Evolution Revolution teachings have opened my mind to a whole new world of consciousness and being. Her simple, yet effective teachings can work for anyone. I've already noticed huge changes in my life. I have a lot more positive attitude, better behavior, and have found peace within my inner self.

(Two months later):

...I'm very thankful for everything that you've taught me. It's made this whole experience a lot easier to deal with and I've learned a lot about myself I never knew existed and it's all thanks to you...

The Evolution Revolution has helped me greatly, as I become more and more aware of my attitude, behavior and thoughts. As I continue my journey into a new consciousness and enlightenment, I'll never forget the very kind lady who led me there, Saharadevi.

Male (30ish)