• Sahara Devi

Are You a (Hu)man or a Mouse?

If you’re still engaged in the Rat Race (trying to achieve the American Dream) the answer is you are something of a rodent—you have not yet recognized or claimed your True Nature.

If you are still preoccupied with how you are going to acquire whatever it is you’re chasing— still focused on your own personal fulfillment—you’re not woke, not awakened, and even have no right to consider yourself spiritual.

If you ‘do’ yoga, wear a mala, chant bajans, sit in meditation or any other practice, you can call yourself an aspirant—but you cannot call yourself spiritual.

Spirituality is a State of Being. To be spiritual is to be connected to life through the Heart, and to know—not intellectually, but existentially—your connectedness to All-That-Is, and to embody and express that in your daily life.

The individualized aspect of Consciousness (that appears to be a person) that exists in an awakened state, is never limited to or by the personal but knows Itself as part of the whole and automatically functions in contribution to That.

It loses nothing by this position, personal satisfaction is not sacrificed, but that satisfaction comes first from the state and awareness of connectedness itself, and then the (actually heightened) enjoyment of what the world has to offer to one seated in that Consciousness.

Because when connected, one is not dependent upon the things of the world for the satisfaction, and one can enjoy to the fullest without being attached to either the object or the satisfaction.

So if you’d rather be a human functioning at its highest capacity than a rodent stuck in a maze/world constantly at-effect-of the lure of the elusive cheese, then make a new choice: turn your attention away from the lure and distraction of the current societal circus and turn towards the Light within—the Light you arethe Light that is always available, always responsive, and waiting patiently for you to notice and merge into its embrace, home at last.

(If you haven't yet, read the book and start utilizing the very simple practices that will shift your Frequency, support your Awareness, and move you into Self-mastery.)

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