The Final Frontier

Since last I communicated with you, I’ve been transformed into an entirely new being and no longer feel compelled to continue the work I’ve been devoted to for the past two decades.

I was exposed to Being Here—a documentary on (authentic) non-duality. The viewing of the film and the resulting shift in my energy field dropped the bottom out of my life. My understanding of everything changed, and the elaborate belief system that had been constructed—in and through which I had lived this life—collapsed.

My experience also changed: the mental body quietened—thoughts less disturbing; the emotional body calmed—smooth sailing has replaced the rollercoaster ride I’d been on for months. Now, the next chapter of my so-called life is appearing, and I'm meeting it day by day with no expectation, and no projection.

While I had been exposed to and influenced by so-called non-duality/Advaita in the past—and even positively affected by the understanding that arose—I can now say that although there is a great deal presented in that name, most of it cannot be considered non-dual at all. Since it is obviously being presented by those who consider themselves teachers, telling others how they can achieve some kind of state, it is a complete contradiction in terms—as non-dual means ‘not-two’ and having a teacher convinced they can instruct a student is clearly binary.

Non-duality cannot be taught.

The crux of the matter is: in one who exists in a non-dual state (although it’s not a state at all, but language around the topic is difficult) the sense of being a person, an individual, has dropped away completely. There is no sense of ‘me.’ And indeed, how could there be a separate me in Oneness? How can there be a separate drop of water in the ocean?

After watching Being Here, I explored the characters featured in the film, watched hours of their speaking, have spoken to some of them directly, and can report that the following speakers on the subject are authentically ‘not there’ as it were, and worth watching/listening to if you are attracted.

Tony Parsons

Jim Newman

Kenneth Madden

Andreas Muller

While there are others that may claim to be bearers of the same message, I advise caution in engaging. To me it’s obvious when the speaker is authentic—and anyone who claims to have a practice 'you' can 'do' that will take you to some achievable goal is not speaking of the same thing.

I'm not sure how long this website will remain as-is. If you’d like to communicate feel free to email me at

I wish you well…