Transforming the fabric of reality

for the well-being of all

Sahara's purpose was set by a vision she was given at the age of eight, that has carried and driven her ever since. She likens her life to a magic carpet ride through an amusement park: carried safely through the Tunnel of Love, House of Horrors, Roller Coaster, Bumper Cars, and Hall of Mirrors.

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"Transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All"

Coming of age in the Sixties, she was fully engaged in the activities of the time, from Anti-War protests to Civil Rights demonstrations; then turned-on, tuned-in, and dropped-out.


"Although I was brought up well, appreciate beauty, and enjoy fine things, I wasn't especially driven to achieve on the material plane, as once I became aware of the spiritual path I considered the development of Consciousness to be my essential work; so through the years I have done more or less whatever presented itself to me, always somehow getting by, engaging in a wide range of activities and experiencing at least three or four different sides of the tracks, from first class to no class.

Among other things, I've worked as a Headstart Assistant, bank teller, the ubiquitous waitress, freelance photographer and journalist, organic wine salesman, natural food store cashier, carpenter's assistant, and private caterer.  I've been an organic gardener for a rock star in Connecticut, and a live-in housekeeper for a celebrity in Beverly Hills. I've driven a taxi in New York City and a tractor in Israel. In Montana, I organized weekly art and music shows; and designed and executed a traffic safety and courtesy campaign. And I sold Japanese yo-yos with my then nine-year-old son on the street in Boulogne, France one Christmas season until we had enough money for dinner each night. I've slept in a sleeping bag on a marble floor in the Plaka in Athens, wrapped in a blanket in a hammock in the rain on the island of Kauai, and in suites at the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong and the Oberoi in New Delhi. I've hitch-hiked from Paris to Istanbul and back, and traveled first-class around the world.

I know what it is to be comfortable, to have plenty, and to have nothing. I know what it is to have to ask for food when you’re hungry, to ask for shelter from the cold at night, and to sleep on a couch in a public library during the day, because you have nowhere else to go. I know what it is to have a body so weakened by disease that you can barely get up to use the bathroom, have no appetite or even strength to eat, and can only lie in bed, helpless, for months.  And I know what it is to be so broken that if some miracle doesn’t save you, you have nothing to live for—the end of the rope."   

She lived with Felix Cavaliere in the 70's as a friend/housekeeper/gardener, traveled around the world with with Laura Nyro and lived with her at the Beresford/NYC, and was a live-in housekeeper for Dean Martin in Beverly Hills 1989/91. Alice Coltrane, whom she knew when she was 'Mother' of the Integral Yoga Institute/NYC late 60's, gave her a generous sponsorship in 1998 after hearing the songs that were birthing though her as a result of the boon she received in Sedona. These funds enabled her to travel to India when called.

In 1994 she was struck homeless in the same way Ramdass considers he was 'stroked'—by an intangible force. One day she was relocating from a northern state to a more desirable clime; a week later she was told she had a Date with Destiny, found herself sleeping in her car, and realized her life would never be the same. This was the beginning of what would become thirteen years of homelessness—first living on the street in Sedona and then carried around the world with NVMS, including five unexpected years in India, called telepathically by an Indian Master. 

After two years in Sedona, being conditioned and trained in trust, surrender, compassion, non-judgment and being, she spent a day on the land with a shaman, undergoing a ceremony re-dedicating her life. During this process, she asked for a Heart filled with Love, the experience of Oneness, and Service to the Planet. At one point, she was asked for her name, and at a loss, was told that, newly conceived, she would be re-born in 9 hours, and given a name at that time. In the middle of that night, she found herself in her subtle body out in the Cosmos encountering a gentle but powerful Spirit-being who attuned her to a new frequency. As she re-entered her physical body, she heard the name Sahara, and upon awakening realized it designated the new energy she was carrying. (She later learned that Sahara means 'support' in Sanskrit.)

Toward the end of 2014, she was brought into a new level of awareness, and a huge shift in frequency followed, developing over the next couple of years until she was rendered virtually incapacitated from March through September 2017. For those six moths she spent much of each day in her zero-gravity chair, experiencing energetically what a caterpillar goes through in its cocoon—being turned into protoplasmic goo and metamorphosizing  into another creature altogether.

Early Christmas morning of that same year, she was contacted by a Council of Light identifying themselves as the Ennead and told she was one of them—a conduit of high-frequency Light and information. 


Sahara has been receiving repeated frequency upgrades of a profound nature since that time, including a blast from the Lion’s Gate Portal of 8.8.2019, after which she had no need of food for a period of six weeks, living mostly on Light. 

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