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It may not be easy, but it’s quite simple: If we want to change the world we have to change ourselves.

Each one of us.

In fact, it cannot happen in any other way.

The analogy I always use is the image of humanity as a single huge body, with each of us individual cells in that body. If our desire is to light up the body of humanity, we each of us have to light up our own cell.

We are One. Anything and everything we do as individuals is projected into the Quantum Field and instantly influences the fabric of reality. “If a butterfly flaps its wings in China, the effect is felt around the world.”

So just imagine the collective emotional maelstrom—anger, fear, grief, envy, greed and malice—propelled into the energetic atmosphere in which we dwell. You can picture it as the proverbial, albeit energetic, shit-storm, raining down on the population every day, while people walk around wondering why they feel depressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, or enraged.

On top of that we have the programming of the media, sending waves of the same roiling emotional static into our personal energy fields through our radios, televisions, computers and cell phones.

What’s a human to do?

It’s really very simple: Since everything is energy—and energy vibrates at different frequencies—we begin by choosing the frequency we imagine we’d like to experience, and then doing whatever it takes to establish ourselves within that bandwidth.

And in the same way darkness cannot obliterate the Sun—it’s always shining, behind every cloud or eclipse—a lower frequency cannot seriously affect an individual established in a higher vibration. For while it may be experienced like a shock wave (an attack of sadness, grief or sudden depression) passing through the body, in the same way an earthquake tremor is felt rolling through the ground, when we know ourselves as the Light we are, we acknowledge the energy for what it is, let it move on, and return to our default position: Awareness itself.


So here you go—a guide to Consciousness & Self-Mastery—a primer for beginners, or those who consider themselves spiritual, but are still in judgment of the world around them.

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