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Are you Ready?

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Imagine this:



What if every encounter you had was friendly?

What if every conversation was conducted in a pleasant tone of voice?

What if you treated everyone as if they were precious and valuable?

What if you made everyone feel good about themselves?

What if you expressed sincere appreciation to every salesperson, cashier, waitress, janitor you encountered as you went about your day? Every customer service rep you spoke to on the phone? (Because without them doing what they do, none of us could have whatever it is we think we want, or need.)

How would you feel when you walked away, got off the phone?

How would the other person feel?

What if everyone did all the above?

This is how we transform the world.

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What's Love Got To Do With It?



Tired of the way it is?

Want to travel, live mask-free?

Like to see a kinder, gentler humanity?


Everything you want to see:

Social Justice

Gender Equality

Sustainable Energy

People Over Profit

Clean Water, Air, Earth

Health & Well-being

Conscious Education

Peace & Harmony Among Peoples & Nations

Stewardship of Resources

Respect for All Life

Requires more Loving-kindness on the planet.


And that depends on you.

You can join the multitudes who are already devoted to this work.


All over the world, people are dedicating themselves to being a contribution to the transformation of the planet by shifting their attitudes and behavior, upgrading the frequency of energy they embody and generate, and generating more Love into their encounters on a daily basis.




It's quite simple:


First, you have to know yourself AS Love.*

Then you get to bring that Love into every encounter, every day.

The more you transmit the Love that you are—the more humans that are exposed to that frequency—the more the frequency of Love will expand on the planet, and we can begin to create a more benevolent world.


Are you ready? Make it so.

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This is the brief—and it's actually quite simple.


It's merely a matter of recognizing:


The frequency of energy we embody and express is our contribution to the Quantum Reality. 


If you shift your attention in a little way, if you adjust your attitude in a little way, if you change your behavior in a little way, not only will you have a sweeter experience of Life on Earth, but you will be contributing to a sweeter experience for all of humanity. And wouldn't that be a lovely thing to do?


All this, and it doesn't cost you a single cent.


Join the rEvolution

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Covid Update/2021

(It's still relevant)

So here we are after 18 months with the virus that changed the world. And while the powers-that-be appear to still be scrambling to restore the status quo, we know that's not gonna happen.


The effect of this Cosmic intervention is permanent, and we CAN'T go back—we have to move forward with the mission-in-progress: "transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all."

Have you noticed how crazy it's become out there? And have you noticed, that here in the U.S. anyway, the divide-and-conquer tactic has escalated? This is what must be overcome.

How? By each of us upping our investment in the game and being more loving, more compassionate, more giving than ever. By choosing to relate from Heart to Heart, without knowing or caring about the others preference in politics, religion, or any other parameter. By taking the time to connect with every individual in our path as we go about our daily life and let them know we see them, we hear them, we acknowledge their existence, and we appreciate the role they are playing in service to the whole.

You're on stage—Be the Love.

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*Watch: A Journey into Love (8 minutes)

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"This is not philosophy, it's physics."

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Spread the Love 

Pick up a button @

Steep Mountain Teahouse, Bozeman

The Great Rocky Mountain Toy Company, Bozeman

MSU Bookstore! Bozeman

Sacred Grounds Healing & Arts Studio, Billings

or contact Sahara

Also in

United Kingdom

Santa Cruz, California

Hamilton, Montana

Wichita, Kansas

Victor, New York (Rochester area)

Sequim, Washington

Omaha, Nebraska

Ovar, Portugal

India & Tibet



This is a not-for-profit venture

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While the buttons are somewhat expensive to ship overseas, if you'd like to support this movement by posting flyers, I'd be happy to send you a template for printing the graphic to the left. The QR code leads to this page. Contact below.

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