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the only true and lasting remedy

against the forces of destruction running rampant,

is a critical mass of enlightened Consciousness

permeating our Quantum Reality

And that depends on you

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If we don't bring our Love into the world, we have a world suffering from the lack of our Love.

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 Thanks to John Lennon & Yoko Ono

The rEvolution & Human Enlightenment



When we speak of enlightenment, there is the capital E Enlightenment of a Ramana Maharshi—a happening, not something over which one has any control; a human flipped into a transcendent state by an inexplicable force—and then there is the enlightenment I am inviting you to embrace here: a state of Awareness humans are evolving into and able to achieve with intention. 


This enlightenment has nothing to do with intellectual concepts—it is an experiential state that blooms as the result of desire and focus. It’s not complicated, or even mystical—it’s simply choosing to shift one’s attention (and change one’s behavior) in a way that enables one’s own Higher Self to be more present in the body, and an awakened state of Consciousness to arise.

This doesn’t require belief, just acceptance—but of course, one cannot accept without belief unless one experiences, and one cannot experience unless one chooses, and acts. It happens one step at a time: yearning, choosing, doing. 


There are three components in the process: 


Identity—Who do you think you are?
Frequency—Vibrating above the 3D turmoil 

Self-mastery—Primarily, regarding thought (all else will follow) 


Everything you need to proceed is awaiting your attention.

Excerpt from: The Evolution Revolution: 2021







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"Love is the bridge between you and everything" Rumi



"I know what it is to be comfortable, to have plenty, and to have nothing. I know what it is to have to ask for food when you’re hungry, to ask for shelter from the cold at night, and to sleep on a couch in a public library during the day, because you have nowhere else to go..."    

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(Ironically, written before Covid)

If a Rabbi, a Minister & a Psychic can all appreciate this work,

there must be something here for you, too.

"Sahara's book is a perfectly-timed, gritty New World manifesto that screams loudly to amplify humanity's higher octaves. Her authenticity as an international spiritual teacher shines through her plain-spoken tools for navigating the head-spinning velocity of our rapidly changing world. Sahara's immense Love for her fellow human family is eclipsed only by the stunning depth of the practical spiritual knowledge she has amassed over a life's work of Service—collected in a quick and easy 'how-to' read, for the purpose of uplifting all life on the planet. This handbook is the work of a Steward, and may the steward in all of us be inspired to awaken."        

Danielle Egnew, Psychic/Medium, Angel Translator 

(NBC, ABC, CW, Travel Channel, Washington Post)


"A fresh new book worth your time and consideration, The Evolution Revolution: 2021 is filled with essays and practices to lead one towards consciousness and self-mastery. Sahara’s wisdom permeates the pages as she guides us along the path of enlightenment. To me, she is a conduit of God's grace. I wholeheartedly recommend this delightful book—it provides a wealth of thoughtful and challenging teaching."

                                                                                   The Rev. Dr. Clark M. Sherman


All proceeds—sales & donations—support 

the Evolution Revolution Organization 501c3

(Registered in Montana)

Tax receipt available upon request

Contact me directly for any questions

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Let’s Be Clear

What is my purpose in promoting the Evolution Revolution or the Great Transformation?

To contribute to the metamorphosis of our precious Planet from a place of conflict and greed, to a world where care and nurturance of the ecosystem itself and all its inhabitants is the Prime Directive.

To facilitate the creation of societies everywhere in which Love informs the use of technology, and technology serves humanity and not vice versa.

To inspire the understanding: "We are One & there’s enough" and, "Whatsoever we do to or for another, we are doing to or for our own selves."

I have no interest in amassing followers or making money from you by creating product or seminars. I just want you to get the message, integrate it into your life, and embody it in your daily living—thereby contributing to the aforementioned transformation and the Well-being of All.

Especially at this time—if you’re not consciously part of the solution, you are unconsciously part of the problem.

With Great Love,


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