are the light of the world—

turn yourself on

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No—you don't have to worry about or fight against any of the issues you consider detrimental to our collective well-being.

If you want change 'out there'—YOU have to change the quality/frequency of the energy you cultivate, hold & generate.

(Simple how-to's in the book)


A Journey Into Love 

Bozeman Pecha Kucha/February 2020

Capital L Love is a frequency, not an emotion, and we can activate and instill that frequency in our bodies and energy fields



The American Dream has turned into a nightmare...


In 1994 I was 'struck homeless' and spent thirteen years in that state—first 'on the street' in Sedona for four years; then called to India by a Master (funds provided for transport by Alice Coltrane) and kept there for five grueling years, burning in the spiritual fire; then brought back to the West—undergoing more trials, tribulations and conditioning. What an amazing adventure! :-)

Rap birthed in 2002