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are the light of the world—

turn yourself on

a service of sirius galore

No—you don't have to worry about or fight against any of the issues you consider detrimental to our collective well-being.

If you want change 'out there'—YOU have to change the quality/frequency of the energy you cultivate, hold & generate.

(Simple how-to's in the book)


A Journey Into Love 

Bozeman Pecha Kucha/February 2020

Capital L Love is a frequency, not an emotion, and we can activate and instill that frequency in our bodies and energy fields


Don't like the way it is?   March 2021


Politics is not the answer—you're it.   September 2020


Experience yourself as Light.


Realize & express the Love that you are—activate your Radiant Self and join the rEvolution.


I suggest you make yourself comfortable, relax your body and listen with headphones.


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