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It’s Time—Get on Board

What if our planet was at risk from a hostile force of space invaders (impervious to our weaponry) who intend to take over the world and turn us into slave-bots?

If there was a way to prevent this from happening, would you do whatever it takes?

Well, we are not being threatened by extra-terrestrial invaders, but by a cancerous force attacking the body of humanity from within.

Will you do what it takes to heal this dis-ease? Or have you not yet been personally affected enough to feel uncomfortable?

Because this is the situation: if you are feeling comfortable in your own personal life and you’re content to continue living in a self-centered way, you are part of the problem—the problem that exists because not enough of us understand that we live in a Quantum Energy Field and every one of the almost 8 billion humans on the planet contribute their harmony or static to our quantum existence.

We are all at-effect-of everything that is happening everywhere. And—we are all responsible for everything that is happening to the whole.

So we cannot ignore the fact that there is sex-trafficking or female genital mutilation; or children separated from their mothers at our border; or torture and starvation; or the reprise of fascism, racism, and anti-semitism; or destruction of our environment, or pollution of our waters, or the extinction of species...

We cannot ignore the negative force that is attacking the body of humanity from within, simply because we are comfortable enough in our own privileged existence—for now.

But Old Paradigm solutions—that addressed the ills of the world from a strictly external perspective—are not what are going to work in this New Paradigm era.

The New Paradigm—operating from the availability of heightened frequencies of energy and expanded Consciousness— requires a collective refinement and attunement of our personal energy fields sufficient to uplift the whole of our Quantum existence.

And this means you.

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to heal the disease that is destroying the body of humanity, then:

YOU have to take responsibility for your contribution to the energetic soup we live in.

YOU have to step up your game, refine and upgrade your frequency, and align with your own Higher Self.

YOU have to stop thinking personally, and begin to think as a single cell in the body of humanity—understanding that the greater the Consciousness embodied by you, the greater the Consciousness contributed to the whole.

YOU have to understand that we are all in this together—and that if YOU don’t begin living for the well-being of all, WE are all going down the tubes together.

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to heal the disease that is destroying the body of humanity, then please begin right now.

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