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 God’s Play/The Gameboard Of Life

                   (part rap/part upbeat)



Ah was movin’ ‘round the gameboard

  Ah landed on a square

 that said: “Now get out on the street

and see what’s happenin’ there”


The street has wonders to be seen—

       felt and heard and tasted

   and if you manage to survive

your time has not been wasted

In five years since I hit the road

      it’s hit me back with interest 

   Ah’ve blown some chances,

        blown my mind

       Ah’ve died a thousand deaths 



On the gameboard of Life

        each square holds some illusion

    just never mind the stress and strife

      avoid the mind’s confusion

        remember that it’s all God’s play:

          the Gameboard of Life


Ah’ve been movin’ ‘round the gameboard

     with each roll of the dice

   sometimes it’s first class travellin’

sometimes it’s beans and rice


Ah learned some lessons, took some tests

         Ah passed, Ah failed, Ah suffered

      and now Ahm here to pass along

            the Gift that Ah was offered


So if you’d like to win this game

         and think that you way cool—

      check out the Hand that’s movin’ you

                 ‘for you look like a fool


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