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Humanity’s Challenge—2019

Humans today have an extraordinary challenge—and it has nothing to do with climate change or anything else you may imagine to be of great import—because most of you do not perceive past the illusion that has been carefully woven about you by those who would retain the status quo.

This critical challenge is whether or not you will allow yourselves as a race to be co-opted by technology and the devices it uses to distract you from a Higher Reality, and proceed to live as extensions of, and tethered to, those devices—or,

If enough of you will awaken enough, and choose to align with your True Nature—making the choice to live in a balanced and harmonious way with each other, the animals, birds, sea creatures and Earth herself—supporting the well-being of all.

These two pathways lead to two very different outcomes, and the choice must be made now. Not to put too fine a point on it—you are way past the Eleventh Hour: evidence the travesty playing out on the world stage.* And make no mistake, your politicians cannot save you—this is a boots-on-the-ground, all-in-it-together, critical-mass-required call-to-arms.


The first pathway, currently most evident, derives from the use of technology and its attendant devices that attract you as toys attract children: they fascinate and distract, sucking you into a world where you are manipulated into believing there is value where there is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

And that is their function: to lure you into an illusory world—a world even termed virtual reality—where you can pretend you are something you are not and live life as if it were a game you can win by accumulating points, or likes.

This unconscious trance—that you have allowed yourselves to be programmed into by the marketing industry and your media—has you believing that you are limited, finite creatures, subject to what appears to be the trials and tribulations of life on Earth, and making you imagine that—whatever they are selling in the moment—will fulfill you.

While this trance allows you to believe that you are living in an advanced civilization, the state of humanity today is more closely analogous to your ‘cavemen’ in terms of the only capacity that counts—Consciousness—simply transposed onto what you consider to be modern society.

What you do not recognize in your dream-state, is that a civilization steeped in competition, war, might-makes-right, deprivation and depravity, greed, and the destruction of other species and the environment, are all signs of a very primitive way of life indeed.

And unfortunately, even much of what passes for so-called spirituality in your society today is often another form of distraction, lulling many into believing they are on a higher path when they are simply engaged in another level of self-delusion.

This pathway will lead to a world where humans become more and more reactive and machine-like in their behavior and responses, almost merged with their devices, and literally programmed to function in service to society in an extreme version of the economic machine that exists today.


The second pathway is that of awakening out of this dream-state you’ve been conditioned into, recognizing the Oneness of Life, and proceeding to live in accordance with that understanding.

This means, that as an individual, you realize that the way you choose to live—your attitude, your intentions, and your every act—is either in alignment with the well-being of all and enhancing your collective reality, or simply self-serving.

Once you are willing to look at yourself objectively, and make the deliberate choice to live in alignment with your own True, Higher Nature, you begin to adjust yourself in attitude, intention and behavior so that you contribute all you are, all you have, and all you do, to and for that ‘well-being of all.’

Then, when enough of you choose this way of being, aligning your energetic frequencies with that of an elevated Consciousness, everything you want to change in your world will happen with very little effort, as all of the knowledge to make those changes is either already available, or accessible through connection to Cosmic Mind—and with the elimination of self-serving can come about with ease.

The last hurdle that needs overcoming in taking this step is the fear that, by sharing all you have and are and do with others, you will somehow not have enough for yourself.

What you may not understand is that by choosing to be an open channel through which you are continuously contributing to the whole, you cannot possibly deprive yourself of anything, as, being an integral part of the whole, that open channel is receiving from every contribution being made, and beyond—it’s an energetic flow .

So, if you have children or grandchildren or want them, (or are simply a good, decent human being), and you’d like the world to be a place where Nature and all life is respected and protected, and where nations live in Harmony and Peace, then this is the time to take a definitive step into the New Paradigm calling for your participation, and out of the old self-centered and self-serving concepts of the previous centuries.

The upshot being: you either recognize that the well-being of all is the highest path and align yourself in its service, or you continue to focus on your own small needs and desires, and fiddle away as the global Rome burns to the ground.

The entire Universe is available in your support, and awaiting your answer.

How will you respond?




*And this was written even before Covid.

Note: While most of this writing comes through me as a flow rather than being a product of the intellect, this was a very clearly ‘channeled’ message.

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