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                  Just One Take




       All the world’s a stage

              and you’re the Star

           take a look around and notice /

                      all you are

         the lighting’s perfect

              and the props are all in place

             there is no green room—

                  you are always on the stage


       All the world’s a set

              the film is rolling—

           it’s an improvisational affair

         you’re not confined, it’s just a dream

               nothing’s exactly what it seems—

        so get your Heart in gear,

                    for goodness’ sake

             there’s no rehearsal—

                  every scene is just one take


       All the world’s a stage

              and you’re the Star

            have you figured out yet /

                  who you are?

          I will give you one more clue:

              what you think—is not you

              so be still—

        and discover who you are

              you are the Star—

                 and all the world’s the play


                     you are the Star—

                          this world, is just a play

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