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"Love is the bridge between you and everything"  Rumi

Love Made Flesh

All the ills of the world stem from the absence of Love. Anger, fear, greed, hatred, meanness, envy, antagonism and depression all come from the place where Love is not.

Lack of Love in a human being is like lack of sunlight for a plant. It causes something to shrivel and die, and the organism cannot be what it is meant to be.

When the necessary nourishment is not there, when there is a deficiency of some kind or another, the system does not function as it is meant to, and dysfunctional behavior of one sort or another manifests.

Love is the nutrient that provides peace and happiness. The necessary ingredient for self-confidence. Without Love there is no joy or even contentment. Success is not complete without Love, and neither fame nor fortune can take its place.

No matter how much one has or is or does, without Love there is a void that cannot be filled. A certain something, a restless longing: an empty place.


Love is experienced in, and emanates from, the Heart Center. Each of us has the Source of Love within.

You can know this by focusing your attention on that place and seeing or feeling it open up like a blooming flower. Close your eyes. Let the breath flow gently. Allow the sensation that arises to fill you, to wash over you. Bathe in it, be warmed and comforted by it.

And when you are filled to overflowing with that sweet sensation, send it out from your Heart to another. One you are close to, or a stranger in need. Send it to a place or people in distress. Send it to a world leader with more power than understanding or compassion. Send it out to encompass our precious planet—our Mother Earth— who is suffering mightily from our lack of Love and Loving-kindness.

By moving yourself into this state of Love, you are creating one more cell in the organism of this Creation which is healthy and whole, alive and well. You are reversing the cancerous disease of unconscious existence that is eating it up alive. You are choosing Life and living over destruction and death. You are being who and what you are meant to be: Love made flesh—One.

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