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Point of Information—Re: Ego

Ego is simply a case of mistaken identity.

What is called ego is a symptom—indicating there is identification with the organism/attributes rather than the True Nature, resulting in an aberration of thought processes and behavior, with emotional and psychological reactions to what-is.

Once the frequency of the personal energy field is raised sufficiently, and enough pure Consciousness permeates the organism, the attachment to and identification with the body/personality subsides, and the identification rightfully reverts to, and abides in, Consciousness Itself.

At that time, as the mistaken identification recedes, emotional/psychological reactions diminish or dissolve, depending on the degree of Consciousness embodied. This eliminates the distorted thinking and behavior—and the suffering—that has resulted from the previous mésalliance, and enables the being to experience and express as the Consciousness it is.

The symptom no longer presents.


The True Nature reigns.

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