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Revelations of a Sirius Love—the collection of Songs, Psalms & Poems, is the result of a boon (Divine Gift) I was offered on the occasion of the re-dedication of my Life and my rebirth as Sahara, in February 1996.

(Thirty years before, at the age of nineteen, I had stepped onto the spiritual path, and after a lifetime dedicated to finding and knowing 'God,' at the end of 1994 found myself living on the street in Sedona, Arizona. After one-and-a-half years of conditioning, during a personal ceremony conducted by a shaman in a canyon, I rededicated my Life. At the culmination of this life-changing event something extraordinary occurred: I was told that I was being given a boon. Feeling that I had already asked for everything I could imagine: a Heart filled with Love, the experience of Oneness, and Service to the Planet, when it was insisted that I request something as a Gift I heard myself ask for the ability to sing. Shortly thereafter, during sunrise ceremony at the Medicine Wheel on Rachel's Knoll, my mouth opened and song emerged. Thus was Sahara born and a tap turned on, birthing songs of a remarkable nature.

Around the same time, an Indian Master began appearing in my life, intruding himself into my daily experience in a not-at-all subtle way, and communicating with me telepathically. Having heard of him in the 60’s, but having no real understanding of who or what he was, I told him that if I was meant to be with him, he’d have to prove himself to me.

At the end of summer 1998, when I was in an extreme state of desperation, after two full days of screaming at ‘God,’ asking for direction, the Master called me to India, where he kept me for most of five years—burning in his fire.)

The songs that emerged were inspired by the amazing Love that started pouring through me, stimulated by my incessant yearning for a merging with my own Self, and at times provoked by various men with whom I had love affairs of diverse natures.

Some express a yearning for romantic love, others a longing for Divine Union. There are those that offer commentary on social consciousness, and others that express the infinite and eternal Love of the Creator, Itself. They all reflect Universal experience and are meant to provoke, inspire, and encourage.



The feeling of a song coming through is a wonderment: exquisite sensations like a current of Love flow through my body, while I am hearing lyric and melody come out of my mouth and watching words appear on a page of my book, written by my hand.

This precious Gift I am sharing here with you.

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