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                       This Trip

                               (a rap)




I’ve been wandering’ ‘round this planet

   like a knight upon a quest

or Alice deep in Wonderland—

   a damsel in distress


It’s something like a trip 

   and I can’t come down

sometimes I feel like Supergirl

   and sometimes like a clown


Then someone waves a wand

   and everything is different

the pumpkins turn to limos

  and I don’t know where the ashes went


I see with new eyes

   And I hear with new ears

My Heart has filled my body

   And everything is clear…


And then another cycle passes

   and the clouds roll in

the dream is now a nightmare

   and I can’t see a thing…


I’m like a puppet on a string

   and I’m yellin’ at the Master:

change this bloody role

   I want the fruit to ripen faster


Don’t leave me in this nightmare

   pretending more is less

wave your Hand and change the script

   and do it with finesse


Let’s see a little elegance

  let’s move into impeccable

eliminate ridiculous

   and manifest respectable

What am I doin’ here 

   playin’ blind man’s bluff?

remove the veil, reveal the Light

   enough is enough


For more than half a century (senchry)

   I’ve been goin’ through these motions

I’m tired of confusion

   and I’m fed up with commotion


Pull the plug on this movie

   strike the set and haul the trash

we need a new production

   and it calls for some cash


Bring in the major players

   the ones in the know

let’s cut out all this bullshit

   and get on with the show!

Let's get on with the show.

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