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Inspiration for the Light Brigade

a service of sirius galore

The Uplift & Inspire Collection

The Uplift & Inspire Collection grew out of the memes I started creating for  the Evolution Revolution page on fb back in 2015 or so. They designs have evolved with me over the years.

Early in 2018 I started printing and handing out postcard-sized versions of the Thank You card on the Home page. I carried them everywhere and gave them out to folks I encountered walking around town, or in lines at stores when I was shopping. Around Thanksgiving time I received a directive: print and distribute 5k cards over the holiday season. Wow.

So I went around with my begging bowl and collected funds from friends and business owners who supported my work and got busy. Of course, there were some to whom I would offer a card that would shake their head and ward me off with an upraised hand and "I'm good," but all those willing to receive would start to read the message and then glance back at me smiling, and make a kind remark.

Even today, someone can see me around town and tell me they still have it on their refrigerator and appreciate the message.

Here's a sampling from the early days:

2020—Please WTFU

Love is a Frequency—not an emotion

The Uplift & Inspire Collection

A Service of Sirius Galore

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