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What Can One 'Nobody' Do?

The Power of One


"The Power of One is the fact that we are each a vital cell in the body of humanity, and have the power—and responsibility—as an individual, to be a valuable contribution to the Quantum Field in which we exist—thereby improving everything for everybody.

The Power of One tells us that what we perceive as reality ‘out there’ is the direct result of what we as individuals project into the collective soup of our existence, and that the way to change what we don’t like out there is to change the quality of our personal contribution—period."    


"This is not philosophy—this is physics." Albert Einstein 

"Sahara has created a remarkable compendium in simple language that brings home insights and inspires us to 'change ourselves & change the world.'

Just the slightest shifts in attitude and behavior she recommends could have a profound impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we function as a society.

I was surprised at both the simplicity of the practices and the profound effects they resulted in when I used them, and the insights that arose from her explanations of the human condition and potential were truly enlightening. 

Read the book. You'll be glad you did."

                                                                     JC Carter



Author’s Note

More than a decade has passed since the original Evolution Revolution (The First Peaceful Revolution In The World—A Handbook for Personal & Global Transformation) was published, and during the intervening period I have lived dozens of lifetimes—evolving apace.

So I have great hopes that the general population and potential readership has been experiencing their own evolutionary process and are ripe for the information asking to be shared in this new compilation.

For while I have noticed some interestingly enlightened shifts in the global village, the insanity of the Old Paradigm has intensified dramatically and is wreaking havoc with great vigor. The situation is both critical and dire.

To counter this alarming state of affairs, those of open heart and benevolent intention must seriously ramp up the quality of their game: for to be focused on the personal in the current circumstances is both irresponsible and extremely short-sighted at best. We cannot afford to be blasé about the planet and its inhabitants being devastated and demolished as we watch—and activism alone will not cut it.


Because what we perceive as external reality is a direct reflection of our personal and collective consciousness, and in order to have sufficient juju to precipitate the transformation we desire to see in the world, we must each cultivate and firmly establish a more highly evolved Consciousness within.

This profound inner change can only be accomplished by equally profound desire, commitment, and devotion—understanding we are here in Service—and the dedication of our lives to the ‘well-being of all.’

For those who may be reluctant to give unconditionally, fearing personal lack, know this: because we are inherently One, by serving the whole we are simultaneously serving our selves.

Please understand: the only true and lasting remedy against the forces of destruction running rampant, is a critical mass of enlightened Consciousness permeating our Quantum Reality.

And that depends on you.

Sahara Devi

Bozeman, Montana

February 2019

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