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Take a journey that will open your eyes, your mind, your Heart. 

Take a journey that will #UpliftandInspire. 

Take a journey that will create insight and encouragement.


In simple, relatable language—more wham/bam/thank-you-ma'am and less blah, blah, blah—Sahara speaks of the human condition at the crossroads of a new way of being in the world: a way of being that honors the essence of what we are and propels us toward the next stage of evolution as a species.


She encourages us to recognize that we are individual cells in the body of humanity, that we have not just the opportunity—but the responsibility—to change the world by changing ourselves, and shows us how in simple, practical steps.


Sahara tells us that enlightenment is not complicated, or even mystical—it's simply choosing to shift one's attention (and change one's behavior) in a way that enables one's own Higher Self to be more present in the body, and an awakened state of Consciousness to arise.

If you read this book, it WILL change your life.

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