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A Table of Contents is not included in the book—

it is a Journey you are meant to take step-by-step.

Following are the essays in order.


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Are You Ready?

COVID 2020: A Call to Arms

Author’s Note



The rEvolution & Human Enlightenment

The Great Transformation: A World Awakening (2017)

Who Do You Think You Are?

The Trap of ‘Spirituality’

It’s Time—Get on Board

Please—Wake The F&%k Up

On ‘Making Your Dreams Come True’

The Great Transformation & You

What Can One ‘Nobody’ Do? The Power of One

Critical Mass

Humanity’s Challenge—2019

21st Century Enlightenment

Point of Information—Re: Ego

On the ‘Mind’

On Spirituality (Get Over Yourself)

Fear v. Love

Ignore Everything

The Glorification of Busy

No Fear

Complaint & Criticism: You’re Making Yourself Sick

Emotional Drama

Love Made Flesh

Love, Defined

Love, Again

You Create Your Own Reality

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

You Are Not What You Think

Self-Observation is the Key



Frequency, Take 2

Free Will


Effortless Living: Running on Autopilot

Dealing With It

On ‘Depression’

Angels Awakening—AA of the New Paradigm

Livin’ Large—It’s Not What You Think

Your Job and You

Regarding ‘Ascension’
Frequency Changes Everything— Let’s Switch Timelines

You’re Invited—Come & Get It

Let’s Be Clear (see below)


A Little Background

Let's Be Clear

What is my purpose in promoting the Evolution Revolution or the Great Transformation?

To contribute to the metamorphosis of our precious Planet from a place of conflict and greed, to a world where care and nurturance of the ecosystem itself and all its inhabitants is the Prime Directive.

To facilitate the creation of societies everywhere in which Consciousness informs the use of technology, and technology serves humanity and not vice versa.

To inspire the understanding: We are One & there’s enough, and, Whatsoever we do to or for another, we are doing to or for our own selves.

I have no interest in amassing followers or making money from you by creating product or seminars. I just want you to get the message, integrate it into your life, and embody it in your daily living—thereby contributing to the aforementioned transformation and the Well-being of All.

Especially at this time—if you’re not consciously part of the solution, you are unconsciously part of the problem.

With Great Love,


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