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12 years later

Found a piece that was written in 2010—we've been a little slow on the uptake:

How does it come to pass that a perfectly Divine Being—born with all the attributes necessary to live a life of quality:

Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Generosity, Creative Impulse—finds itself living as a sheep in a flock herded willy-nilly by the powers-that-be?

As infants we are born in Love and provoke that Love in the hearts of those we encounter. Before too long however, if we are not well-protected, we become subject to those forces that instill, foster and perpetuate an abiding discontent.

We are told our looks are unacceptable, our raiment is unacceptable, and the very personal gifts and impulses to our unique creativity are unacceptable—we must toe the line of conformity.

We are encouraged to become addicted to so-called food that disrupts our brain chemistry and messes with our metabolism, polluting our bodies and minds.

We are put to work—not like bees in a hive or ants in a colony who work cooperatively for the common good—but like robots whose time and energy only serve the master.

We are continually bombarded by radio, television, billboards and print media that program our behavior as fully as the most malevolent brainwashing, and the biggest illusion of all is our belief that we have free-will.

Where is the freedom in behaving precisely as one is programmed to behave?

The news, to which we willingly subject ourselves daily—sometimes continuously throughout the day—brings us reports of violence and horror, the constant barrage of which is like a low level drug instilling subconscious fear and loathing, perpetuating attitudes of antagonism and aggression that manifest within as stress and disease. Free will? Please.

Magazines celebrate the trivial and useless: those with more money than sense, compassion, or humanity whose greatest satisfaction comes from indulgence and excess.

And now "the cult of celebrity which feeds the vanity of those to whom narcissism is a virtue" (Isabel Allende) has trickled down and is infecting children whose greatest aspiration is 'fame.' The gods are weeping.

How can we overcome our addiction to a consumerism that has led us blindly into a state of continual discontent?

How can we awaken from a trance that has turned us into sheep dreaming we are human?

One needn't practice a particular technique or identify with any so-called 'spiritual' organization.

One needn't spend hundreds or thousands chasing the latest hot answer to the emptiness inside.

In fact, the emptiness exists because we have been subject to the programming that has distracted us from our True Nature and turned us into sheep, so we first have to recognize that fact and discover the Indweller of our Being:

Be still.

Sit in Nature.


Listen to birdsong.

Allow the thoughts that arise to pass by like drifting clouds.

Observe the breath.

Be still.

Allow Consciousness to awaken in you.

Embrace the rEvolution.


And today I would add:

Understand that you are a single cell in the body of humanity,

move your attention from your head to your Heart,

allow the Love you are to blossom and fill you,

and share that Love with all you encounter.

Be the Love


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