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Life Unfolding

There have been many changes occurring in this Sahara-character, not the least of which has been a giant step-back from do-ing.

Because even with the understanding that she is not the do-er, the appearance and compulsion of doing had repeatedly imposed itself on her—creating an urge to ‘make something happen.’

Fortunately, the realization again bloomed that Life itself is making what needs to happen, happen perfectly, and Sahara was moved into a state of relaxation, taking a back seat as she walks through each day observing the perfection of Life unfolding.


Perhaps you have also felt yourself living in two realities: being and experiencing self as the character—and simultaneously detached from and observing the character, the storyline, and the apparent reality called Life on Earth. Lately, when I look at or hear about what’s happening ‘out there’ it seems more and more unreal.

But I have been observing the entire planet undergoing a transformation for years now—beginning with the Evolution Revolution in 1999 and graduating to the Great Transformation/2017*—and as I am carried into greater clarity daily, it seems that those I engage with are also carrying a new energy and being primed for an entirely new perception of what-is.

Nonetheless, whatever is happening to us energetically—as long as we experience ourselves as organisms with personalities—we may as well choose to focus on the Love we are in reality and bring that frequency into the encounters we have with other organisms who are likely having a rough time in this particular phase on planet Earth. I can tell you from a lifetime of experience: there is nothing of the material world that compares with the frequency of Love permeating one's being.

So as you go through however the process is manifesting in you, I encourage you to find ways to appreciate the little moments: the blooming flowers, the singing birds, the clouds drifting in a blue sky, a child’s laughter, the smile on a face…and rest in the Love inherent in all that as much as possible.

Be the Love.

* You can download the eBook for free


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