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It's Not Personal

If you could understand that what you are is an aspect of Source— Consciousness utilizing a human body to bring more Love into the world— perhaps you’d be motivated to connect to the Love you are and begin to consciously serve in that capacity.

There are no real sacrifices involved—only a willingness to overcome the programming you’ve been subjected to that keeps you imagining that if you just attain whatever, or obtain that other thing, you’ll be happy and fulfilled. But that desire process is never fulfilled—it’s a kind of addiction, constantly wanting more/better—and will keep you chasing that carrot dangling just out of reach right into your grave.

The answer to that search for satisfaction, for that ultimate fulfillment, is to move one’s attention into the realm of the Heart: where the connection to All-That-Is resides—the source of Love itself.

When we activate that Love, when we cultivate that Love, when we generate that Love frequency into the Quantum Field—by bringing a kind word, a smile, an appreciation of and a caring for the other, into our daily lives—we uplift and inspire those we encounter into that same realm of Loving-kindness.

This is the vision: each one of us is an individual cell in the body of humanity. If we want to light up the body of humanity we each of us need to light up our own cells. The more of us that carry the frequency of Love in our individual cells, the more Love we are contributing to the body of humanity. And when critical mass is achieved, (something between only 10 and 17%), we can “transform the fabric of reality for the well-being of all.”

This is the mission. Are you ready? Be the Love.

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