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I’ll tell you what’s going on with me, so you have some frame of reference in case your current experience is disturbing, distressing or challenging in any way:

The character called ‘Sahara’ is barely functioning, she often doesn’t feel like doing anything. There are environmental elements that interfere with getting a full nights’ sleep for starters, and then sometimes again when she attempts to nap. So she’s already sleep-deprived when the day begins.

Then there are some things she thinks she should be doing, like post on Insta or fb, but she can’t bring herself to get on the computer and create the memes for that purpose. And there are many other activities either on the computer, around the house, or out in the community that she just don’t feel motivated enough to expend the energy it will take to make happen.

She feels exhausted—and, understands that there are energetic forces at work shifting things at a cellular level that require a deep degree of Surrender. So she does. She doesn’t force herself to do anything that doesn’t actually need to be done, and she doesn’t judge herself for not-doing: being—dwelling in Awareness—is enough. She is not suffering, simply noticing that this is a time of low-energy that can be compared to the screen saver function on a computer.

On the other hand, she’s able to go out for walks in Nature, sometimes in the company of another, and is nourished and energized by those encounters.

She’s also able to bring an energized Love-frequency into the encounters she has with others as she moves around the community doing errands.

So understand that at an energetic, Cosmic level, we’re all going through a very deep transformational process, and be very kind and gentle with yourself.

The most important thing is not to indulge any distractive or distressing thoughts of self-judgement, self-condemnation or recrimination, because that only serves to create static in your field and interfere with the process. Instead, when those sort of thoughts arise, focus on your Heart space, and do the “I Love you” practice until you bring yourself into a state of peace. (Watch the Journey Into Love video on the website.)

Then take a deep breath and get on with whatever is right in front of you, one moment at a time.


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