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I had the great pleasure of spending seven weeks this summer at Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales, cooking for the ashram team and those who attended the courses. The experience of Love coming through me in the form of food never fails to delight.

Now, my return to Montana has been shocking in a number of regards: the environment is smoky from numerous wildfires in the Pacific northwest, and the energetic atmosphere is a plethora of emotional, mental and psychological agitation. I feel assaulted. Not only by the distortion of human consciousness, spewing dis-ease, but by the black hole of commerce, sucking at humanity’s sense of emptiness with the lure of satisfaction through consumption: Buy this now—this will be what makes you whole.

Fear and hostility, self-centeredness and lack of compassion have escalated, and I was somewhat surprised that my ophthalmologist has been having the same perception at the 3D level. Nonetheless, I know the current roiling in the human energy field is simply the chaos that exists as transformation is in process: in uncertainty fear surfaces, and where fear resides—even subconsciously—all the other negative human attributes are activated.

Meanwhile, while my body is readjusting to the mile-high altitude, I have been sleeping for short periods at odd hours throughout the day and night, eating sparingly, and lying low in my fortunately plant-filled apartment, appreciating the fact that I can keep the windows closed against the heat and smoke while having a plentiful supply of oxygen to breathe.

I have not been at all interested in social media, nor motivated to post on same.

My position at the moment is simply this:

I have produced a huge amount of what I hope you consider inspirational content on my various fb pages, Insta, and this blog. I have no need to invite you give me your money by enticing you with webinars, one-on-one consultations, or ‘activations.’

The content available on this website alone is sufficient to move you to a new state of being IF YOU DO THE WORK.

And that’s the key: you have to do the work yourself—there’s no magic wand wielded by anyone that will transform you from a human identified with its personality, position and possessions—and at-effect-of its own thoughts—into a being who knows its True Nature as Love & Light and its position as a contribution to the Oneness of all Life. Only you can do that yourself.

And that’s my invitation to you:

If you are still identified with the character called _____, if you still believe that laws need to be passed to effect the change we want to see, or that some superhero needs to appear to save the day, please up your intention and your attention from moment to moment and align yourself with the Consciousness you are in Reality. Not only so that you are a fully Aware contribution to “transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All,” but so that you can finally begin to experience the delightful potential entailed in being a human being on planet Earth in harmony with yourself and all life. Are you ready? Step up.

And you are always invited to contact me directly if you have a question or need a little assistance with an issue.

Love to you, Sahara

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