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An Existential Crisis

At this moment in time, the population of the United States of America is more profoundly divided than at any time since the Civil War. There is a deep psychic discontent in a huge number of beings who would take to the streets, bear arms, and cross the threshold of violence to make a point or achieve their ends. And this discontent has repercussions, and echoes, around the world.

This deep inner disturbance and antagonism toward the other cannot be legislated out of existence. It cannot be fined, or imprisoned, or shamed—its source is something primal.

And as I have stated repeatedly, “The only true and lasting the remedy against the forces of destruction running rampant, is a critical mass of enlightened Consciousness permeating our Quantum Reality.”

This depends on you.

You can no longer go about your business, focus on yourself, and imagine everything will be okay. It cannot be okay, because the concentrated force intent on destruction is an active force. And if you are a passive component in this story, your passivity will be outweighed by the activity of those others.

But the action I am urging you to take has nothing to do with marches, protests, or even the non-violent demonstrations promoted by Gandhi. It’s something that can be done right where you are—at no cost except your time, energy and attention.

If you are one who can honestly say you care about the well-being of all, if you are one of the many who prefers non-violence, if you are one who prefers peace, if you are one who prefers Love, kindness, compassion, and harmony—then you have to begin to transform all that is not-that within you, and establish the energetic frequency of those attributes in your body, your being, and your energy field. This is where our power lies. And you also have to share this understanding with those you know who feel the same: we need a groundswell of conscious intent activating higher Consciousness everywhere. There is no other way to combat the combination of ignorance, aggression, and ill-intent that would wreak havoc in our society and on our planet.

And be clear: this endeavor is not motivated out of fear, but out of the clarity based on understanding that energy itself is the basis of everything, and that frequency of energy is what determines the quality of the outcome.

So if you would prefer to see a society and world where Harmony rather than insanity, or greed, or corruption reigns, get in gear and do your part. And do it now.

Note: The fact that this came through on Easter is itself interesting—as the esoteric meaning of Easter is a re-birth of Life, Love & Light


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