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As The Caterpillar Said To Alice:

Who are you?

More importantly, what are you not?

You are not a single mom, a gay man, a doctor or a jock.

You are not an artist, a truck driver, a conservative or a psychic.

You are not a white male, a young hottie, an alcoholic or an atheist.

You are not your circumstance, your profession, your abilities or gifts.

You are not the condition of your body, your gender, your race.

You are not your beliefs, your political affiliation, your nationality, your attitudes.

Here’s the last stanza of The Evolution Revolution rap—maybe it will inspire you.

You are not your body, you are not your mind

you are infinite, eternal—out of space and time

Tune into your Consciousness, you will surely see:

pure Spirit, the All in All—that is what we be,

BE Love, BE Light, BE Kindness acting like you’re not is just blindness

We’re One Soul, One Being, One Essence so open up and step into that Presence

It’s the Truth and the Wisdom of what we’re meant to be

You are Light, you are Love—set your Self free

Listen here


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