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Be The Love

When things get really weird, as they are right now, and emotions start running high with opposing opinions rigidly making the other wrong, it's especially important to realize that each of us is an aspect of Source experiencing Itself in a particular way.

And, if you are one of those who would rather see Love rule, then you have to choose that for yourself and fix that Love energy firmly within your body and being, making sure you stay focused in that direction in all your thoughts and speaking—because only by so-doing will you contribute to that which you desire.

If you are one of those who would rather see Love rule, and you focus your attention on and engage your energy in the imbroglio, you are contributing to the very condition you would prefer to see transformed, and your activity is counterproductive.

When you know the Light you are in Truth, you can see that same Light in all, and understand that the only way to create real change is with Love.

Cultivate Love, embody Love, generate Love, and model what it is to be a Loving human being.

"To see the Light in another, you have to know the Light in yourself."


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