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Call To Action

In this extraordinary moment in time—in a world crippled by a virus, and united in grief and determination provoked by the latest wanton killing of a black man in America—we have the opportunity to create an unprecedented shift in the destiny of humankind.

We’re being invited to “Transform the fabric of reality for the well-being of All” by a seismic shift in Consciousness—a shift in Consciousness—that will precipitate a change on a global scale in how we behave as a species.

We are being urged to “Wake the Flock Up” and understand that the change we wish to see ‘out there’ can ONLY come from a change within each one of us.

It’s time for us to transcend the personal and play our part in a unified body of humanity—realizing that: when we change ourselves, we ARE changing the world. And, we CANNOT change the world without changing ourselves.

Two hours invested in the perusal of my recently published work will initiate the change in you—and enable you to begin to change our world.

Now is the time.

YOU are the one who will make a difference.

Please—Change yourself & Change the World.

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