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Calling all heroes

Stumbled on this oldie-but-goodie from 2017—so appropriate for the moment:

Calling All Heroes: Now is the Time

At the culmination of this week’s New Rules, Bill Maher spoke insightfully about America’s fascination with/desire for superheroes—and while he was using the bit to castigate Hollywood and lampoon the POTUS, he concluded with the astute statement: We need to be our own superheroes.

What’s interesting to me about Maher is that while he is often profoundly perceptive about politics and society, and also avails himself of psychotropic influence, he has not yet made the leap to the next stage in the understanding of the role Consciousness plays in our lives—or if he has, he doesn’t speak of it on the show. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he ever had a special guest who did?

Because while Space may be the final frontier, Consciousness is the Ultimate Frontier, and until we recognize that even the Second Coming is coming through all of us—not some Savior descending from the sky—we will continue to long for a hero.

The death throes of the old paradigm are apparent all around: the evidence is on the Internet and television daily. But complaint and criticism does nothing but enmesh the critic in the web of the travesty: what you focus on is what you experience.

If you would see a change, you must be the change. Be Loving. Be Kind. Be Compassionate. Be Generous. Light up your own cell in the body of humanity and watch what happens around you. When enough of us are Light enough, the darkness will dissolve.

So let me make it plain: Tag—you’re it.

Cultivate the Love in your Heart; elevate your frequency; enlighten yourself; integrate and embody the Conscious you are.

You are the hero you’ve been waiting for—now recognize your Self and start behaving like one.


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