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Calling All Heroes: Will YOU Be The One?

(Here's an oldie that wants attention NOW)

American pop culture has long celebrated the hero. From Superman and the Lone Ranger to James Bond and Men in Black, we are wild about the guy who shows up in the nick of time to save the day—and if he can turn a clever phrase and get the girl at the same time all the better.

And now the ‘heroes’ are just like you and me. But fantasy is one thing and reality something else altogether.

Our civilization has reached a crucial point in history—a major shift awaits us in the wings—and each one of us has the opportunity to BE THE HERO FOR REAL:

YOU are the hero the world is awaiting.

YOU are the one who can make a difference.

YOU are the feather whose weight can tip the balance.

And NOW is the time for you to weigh in.

The death throes of the old paradigm are apparent all around you: the evidence is on the Internet and television daily. But complaint and criticism does nothing but enmesh the critic in the web of the travesty: WHAT YOU FOCUS ON IS WHAT YOU EXPERIENCE.

If you would SEE a change, you must BE the change.

If you can see yourself as a single cell in the body of humanity, then you have the power to change the condition of that body by LIGHTING YOURSELF UP.

It is not so much about doing as it is about being.






On the street. Every day. In every encounter.

Light up your own cell and watch what happens around you.

When enough of us are Light enough, the darkness will dissolve.

Are YOU willing to be the hero? Make it so, Number One!

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