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This is how I’m perceiving this most extraordinary moment in time. Like a snow globe—all shaken up so the elements within cannot be seen.

And this is exactly what we’re dealing with: a period of creation, when everything’s up in the air and how things will appear once the dust has settled is entirely up to us.

So think about how things were—all the myriad ills of 21st Century society that have been building for decades—and think of what you’d like to change and how you’d like things to be when we emerge into the next level of reality.

Look clearly at how so many have become slaves tethered to their devices, going through the day plugged in, unable to hear birdsong or silence or greet people they pass on their way, isolated in the midst of community, no longer relating; recognize how we’d been programmed to believe that acquiring money and possessions is the be-all and end-all of satisfaction; notice how life had sped up to a 24/7 race, moving so fast that we no longer took the time to simply be quiet, to watch the clouds drifting by, to sit on a porch and observe the environment, or immerse in and commune with Nature.

Our society has become subject to a constant bombardment of information, of sound, of activity—and I can see folks dropping like flies from info/doing-overload, overwhelmed and burnt out, while what we need right now is exactly the opposite: to step back, unplug, quiet down and move into that still place at the center of everything and re-imagine how life could be if we made new choices.

And then, once we bring that vision to mind, we have to go deep inside to discover how, as individuals, we may be contributing to the dysfunction that-is, and acknowledge what needs to change in us so that we may become super-cells in the body of humanity—bringing so much Light to the party that all the dross is simply flushed out and what remains is health, clarity, the understanding of our Oneness, and a critical mass dedicated to ‘transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All.

If you need a little help with the details, read the book.

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