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Choice—breakfast of champions!

What we choose is what we get—and this the the perfect situation for each of us to see exactly where we're at.

When we're deprived of the distraction of all of the activities we're used to engaging in 'out there' or the ability to do or have whatever we please, we get to experience ourselves in a completely new way—and it may be extremely uncomfortable.

But it's a very good thing—to be made uncomfortable by circumstances—because then we might become aware of enough to notice: what am I looking at, and what am I looking for.

Two people can have precisely the same circumstances in their lives—yet one can be miserable, and the other happy and content—entirely dependent upon where they choose to put their attention and the attitude they hold about what they see.

If you choose to look at and appreciate the goodness, you get fullness, serenity and contentment; and if you choose to look at all the things you don't like, you make yourself miserable.

What are you choosing, babycakes?


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