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Choose to Engage/Connect/Relate

Definitions: To bring together, give attention to; to join or unite; to feel sympathy and/or identify with.

This is the invitation: engage, connect, relate.

Since we understand that what’s actually going on beneath the surface on the world stage right now is about “transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all,” then the question is—how?

Naturally, it begins with ourselves—because if we haven’t changed how and what we are, how can we possibly hope to bring anything different into our reality?

We've become far too accustomed to walking around with blinders on, totally engrossed in our own heads and story. We can even share our ‘story’ now on the face site and insta. But it’s time to go beyond a story and step into a life—and life is lived not in ones’ head or online, but on the street, and in our communities.

We now have the chance, courtesy of this heroic virus, to slow down and smell the roses. To take our time instead of being in a hurry. To notice the flowers blooming or fruit developing, the birds flocking, the sun setting. To adopt an old-time/small-town attitude of conversing with and caring about the people around us. One friend said she loved the masks because they made eye contact so much more meaningful. But I wonder how many are actually looking into each others’ eyes and making that connection.

Just start where you are. Do the practice demonstrated in the Pecha Kucha video, read the book for more insight and information.

And, while you may not have the opportunity to be mask-free as I do on the trails where I live, to the best of your ability smile at and make eye contact with the people you see when you are out and about. Especially, engage and connect with people you see on a daily basis. These people are your community. The person in the elevator you never talk to, the doorman of the building nearby, the bus driver, news-vendor, waitress. The cashier that is spending eight hours of her day, every day, to provide you with the service you require.

Establish a relationship of good-will, and good vibes. Express appreciation, compliment, and share something that will #UpliftandInspire and see how people start to respond to your presence—they will greet you with delight. You are bringing a little Light, and even Love, into their often tedious days. What a Gift!


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