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Covid Update

So here we are after 18 months with the virus that changed the world. And while the powers that be appear to still be scrambling to restore the status quo, we know that ain't gonna happen.

The effect of this Cosmic intervention is permanent, and we CAN'T go back—we have to move forward with the mission-in-progress: transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all.

Have you noticed how crazy it's become out there? And have you noticed, that here in the U.S. anyway, the Divide and Conquer tactic has escalated? This is what must be overcome.

How? By each of us upping our investment in the game by being more loving, more compassionate, more giving than ever. By choosing to relate from Heart to Heart, without knowing or caring about the others preference in politics, religion, or any other parameter. By taking the time to connect with every individual in our path as we go about our daily life and let them know we see them, we hear them, we acknowledge their existence, we know the Love they are in reality, and we appreciate the role they are playing in service to the whole.

You're on stage, it's time to shine!


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