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Regarding maintaining a state of inner peace, someone recently asked me “How many hours a day can a person sit?” implying—there are other things to do in life.

And my response was that you don’t have to sit, we’ve moved into the eyes-wide-open, boots-on-the-ground phase of being, and it’s time to embody and express that in our daily lives.

Do whatever you please—that which brings you joy, helps you relax and connect to Nature, or be creative. It’s never about what we’re doing and always about how we’re being.

The whole purpose of what is called meditation is to first introduce, then familiarize one with resting in the state of Consciousness itself. Once you’ve experienced that, the next step is embodying that Awareness and bringing that Light into the world, whatever you’re doing—not spending the rest of your life sitting.

As Consciousness, one’s identity no longer resides in the attributes of the body and/or personality, and the emotional and mental bodies are no longer the drivers of the vehicle. That’s what is known as ‘Liberation’—no longer enslaved by thought or emotion.

So get your A-game on, and bring your Light to the party: we’re here to “Transform the fabric of reality for the well-being of All” and that can only happen if we’re walking/talking models of enlightened humanity—not living for self alone, but a conscious part of the Oneness and an intentional contribution to the whole.

(If you need more inspiration, read the book and embrace the challenge.)

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