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Forget About "Why"

Forget about why. There is no ‘why’—there’s only is-ness.

In regard to how people behave, (or any other story), trying to understand why is setting yourself up for suffering. When you look for why, you’re indulging in thought, and indulging in thought* is always choosing to go down a rabbit-hole of unhappiness.

The secret to peace and harmony within is simply:

Accept or suffer.

How do I know this, or anything else I share with you? It all comes out of personal experience—none of it is theoretical. I’m given all sorts of situations to deal with, and then the insights re: how to deal with them. If I do as I’m given, I’m cool. If not, I suffer.

Acceptance of what-is is our greatest resource.

*I'm not talking about the practical: how to build a bed-frame, or plans for a garden.You know what I'm talking about—the conversations you have in your head with someone who's not there, etc.


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