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Hold the Vision

Please know that this period is universally about the re-creation of a world, and for that to happen, those with the understanding and the ability have to do their part.

ALL symptoms are indications of the energetic shifts necessary for the being to upgrade their frequency and fulfill their role. The more we recognize the need to transcend the personal and surrender to the process that is elevating us in alignment with our own Higher Self, the less stressful it will be.

Surrender, Acceptance, and Trust are key.

Deliberately take time to relax the body, and refrain from judging ANYTHING, regarding self, others, or any situation.

Perceive life-on-Earth right now as a movie in which we don't have a script, have a Vision of the outcome, and have the challenge of ad-libbing from moment to moment, consistently CHOOSING the high road as response to whatever is showing up.

And ALWAYS, rather than engaging in the problem, focusing on the solution and propagating that.

Change yourself & change the world.

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