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Homo Theikos—Are You Ready?

If you want things to be better for you, they have to be better for everyone.

Since we live in a Quantum Field/Reality, where we are all connected energetically, (with each individual being the equivalent of a transmitting/receiving station), as long as there are those suffering from the lack of the essentials: food/shelter/liberty, we are all at-effect-of the suffering endured by those in need.

If you’re feeling out-of-sorts for any reason, (if it is not the ordinary effect of dwelling on and/or indulging in thought), it’s because at a subtle level you are experiencing the mental or emotional pain endured by the starving, the downtrodden, the hopeless.

But to relieve that condition is not the monumental task we may imagine, because the 3D aspect can be managed quite simply by the redistribution of the abundant resources that already exist.

What IS required however, is a sufficient number of well-intentioned humans willing to upgrade their operating systems to hold a higher frequency energy that translates to an expanded/elevated Consciousness. Moving from homo sapien, embracing and absorbing Jeremy Rifkin’s homo empathicus, and embodying what I will call homo theikos: the transcendent human.

If you feel ready to move yourself to the next level of human beingness, kindly step up, begin the process, and watch how easy it is to change yourself, and how satisfying it can be to change the world.

For the world WILL change around you as you bring your understanding into the community you live in, and you will perceive how the greater world can easily follow.

Change yourself & change the world—it’s as simple as that.

Are you ready?


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