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How To Be (An Enlightened) Human In An Era Of Chaotic Reformation

First of all, let’s be very clear: you have a human body, you appear to be human, and you are living a human life. Nonetheless, the truth of the matter is: you are actually Consciousness in form.

All that exists in form is a manifestation of a singular, infinite, eternal Consciousness: All-That-Is. That Consciousness has chosen/is choosing to experience itself in endless ways, and you are one of those ways.

At this point in ‘time,’ in this holographic ‘place,’ the opportunity to become aware of and embody the Consciousness we are is available to all those who desire it.

There are two energy streams that serve this process: Intention and Intuition. Intention arises from a yearning in the heart of the afore-mentioned embodiment, and intuition is honed through paying attention.

Intention is the aligning of one’s thoughts, speaking and behavior with one’s goal, and what we call intuition is actually the communication of one’s own Higher Self through the medium of thought or what’s called feeling, but can more accurately be termed ‘sensing.’

Have you ever had a little, fleeting thought that says: do this, or go there, or contact that person? When we pay attention to that thought and follow through two things happen: we are being guided toward something/someone that serves us AND we are developing a greater connection with the Higher aspect of our self. The more we follow these promptings the more they occur and the greater the connection to, awareness of, and mergence with, our own True Nature.

As Consciousness changes, frequency changes, and vice versa. When Consciousness changes—EVERYTHING changes—it’s like an upgrade to your computer’s operating system: glitches are removed, new functions appear, everything has been improved, streamlined, refined and the whole thing works better. Without any effort expended, you’ll find yourself in a different state—something like the difference experienced on mushrooms or psilocybin but integrated and lasting.


As far as the personality is concerned, it’s the role you’ve chosen to play. The foibles, attributes, strengths and weaknesses are simply part of the character and one need not concern oneself with those traits—just enjoy them as one would a particularly quirky but still endearing character in a movie. Don’t get bent out of shape by a not especially desirable attribute—just shake your head in amusement or laugh out loud. One teacher suggests bragging on it, and I do so myself: “Honey, you are the Queen of Impatience—a veritable master. Look how good you are at that!”


Another aspect of Conscious Evolution is: Choice.

It’s like going to a buffet—and rather than catering to the desire of the tongue, gorging on everything available—tuning in to your body, asking it what it needs for its nourishment and partaking of the perfect amount for that purpose. There is a huge buffet of spiritual (and pseudo-spiritual) teachings on the planet at this time—we get to choose what we partake of, and then experience the result by the effect in our life, transformative or not.

Have we been elevated in frequency? Do we experience a greater presence of Consciousness? Has there been a refinement in quality? Or are we mired in processes, attempting to ‘heal’ the body, personality or mind? (Well, there can be no wrong steps as every choice takes us to the next place we need to be on the journey. Nevertheless, the process can be smoother and simpler or more painful and complicated based on the choices we make.)


In fact, the healing we think we need is often an automatic result of expanded Consciousness or higher frequency, in the same way that darkness dissolves as Light increases—no complex process necessary.

I want to say this again, and impress upon you its importance: Whatever it is of this world you desire, it will come not as a result of any effort you have made—no vision board, no striving, no seminar—but quite naturally, effortlessly, as the identification with the smaller ego-self dissolves and you begin to merge with your own True Nature.

It is said regarding food: make the choice based on ease of digestion. So in your choice of teachings, maybe don’t try to run before you can walk—start simply. Ask for something that will serve you and be sensitive to what arises. DO the practice, notice the change it precipitates, and move on…

(By the way: The book has requested to be re-issued, with a new title & cover, rigorously edited and with some new content. So if you have yet to read it, wait for the new edition which will be available shortly.)

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