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I Had An Epiphany...

I had an epiphany, and intend to challenge every self-styled 'spiritual teacher' hawking their trade online—if they are sincere in wanting to change the world and not simply make money with their work— to offer their services gratis so that we can get on with "transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all" without further ado. Many of them have had plenty of time to accumulate wealth and should be able to afford to do so. The age-old practice of all Masters worthy of the name, has always been to share their teachings freely, as true spirituality is not a subject for commercial enterprise.

I will soon be posting a short video on the subject, and would ask you to share it everywhere.

If all those teachers who believe they have techniques, practices, or information of value to those interested in expanding Consciousness were to freely make their services available to all, and those 'all' were willing to forego their personal desires for the moment, I am given to understand that we could shift the energy/frequency of the Quantum Field within one year to such a degree that the repercussions would be dramatic.

The fact that money currently runs the world, that the majority of the financial wealth on the planet is in the hands of a very few, and that profit over people is the reigning attitude of those in business, is an egregious distortion of how life is meant to be lived. This state of affairs must be transformed without delay, so that the well-being of all is the prevailing influence on how we behave, and Harmony may be established in the world.

To this end, I am making my ebook available for free at the vendors where that’s possible, and invite you to read it if you haven’t, and to let others know of its availability.

(I’m not changing the price of the paperback, which is the equivalent of the latte & muffin you may enjoy on a regular basis, the humble royalties from which help defray the cost of my freely given work.)

I have also been inspired to take to the road with my Face of Love portraiture—"The Face we show to others that we never see ourselves”—taking pictures of ordinary folks around the country and showing them the Love they are so they can begin to shift themselves out of whatever their thoughts are telling them and begin to experience themselves as the Love they are in Truth. (This will require corporate sponsorship or a wealthy donor who can provide a motorhome I can use for the purpose.)

I’m asking for your cooperation in sharing this information widely, so we can get on with the most important activity any of us can be involved with (at what is the craziest time in the history of the planet): "transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of all.”

Are you ready?

I’m happy to let you know of two beings who are already making some of their services available at no cost:

Ethann Fox provides an Energy Transfer online, that enables you to dissolve static in your energy field—emotional, mental, and/or psychological detritus that interferes with your evolutionary process. Use it over and over until you’ve cleared out your junk.

Gene Ang now has a podcast where you can utilize various Arcturian healing processes that will affect your subtle bodies and allow you to align more closely with your own Higher Self.

But just to be clear: while there are all-sorts of assists for our process, the real work must be done personally, on a daily basis, to ensure that we are not at-effect-of the thousands of thoughts that arise every day, and that we are steadfastly aligned with our True Identity and not imagining we are merely the organism/personality.


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