• Sahara Devi

It's not a sprint...

it’s a marathon. We are in now moving into the long-haul portion of this global, transformative endeavor, and it’s not an easy proposition.

So if you’re feeling worn down and want things to be more as they were—please think twice. Look at all the ills that exist in human society and tell me if you can honestly say you want things to be as they were.

We cannot go back—we must move forward. And this requires commitment, determination, fortitude, and courage. Because as a model of a new human, homo empathicus (Jeremy Rifkin) we are being asked to demonstrate how to transcend the personal and live as a contribution to the Light in the world.

We are being asked to dig down deep within and unearth all the resources we haven’t yet tapped—to call forth the subtle inner wisdom and upgrade both understanding and attitude.

We are being asked to imagine what could be possible for humanity as a species and for the planet as a biosphere. And then, when you have pictured what it would look like once we've “transformed the fabric of reality for the well-being of all”—hold that vision and start behaving on a daily basis in a way that will make that a reality.

And if you need a little inspiration, and/or don’t know exactly how to do that, give yourself a Gift. It will be the smallest and most valuable investment you’ve ever made and you’ll reap the greatest benefit you can imagine.

Please—Wake the Flock Up! Read it, feel it, do it, be it.

And discover that as you change yourself, you ARE changing the world.

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