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It's Not Philosophy, It's Physics (Politics is not the answer)

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” “Matter is energy, energy is Light, we are all Light Beings.” A. Einstein

And—energy vibrates at different frequencies.

Think of a rock and a flower, of anger and kindness. Then take another step: the vibration of a rose is different than the vibration of a tulip, or a daisy, and it happens that the vibration of a rose is the highest frequency among flowers.

Now extrapolate: different humans carry different frequencies of energy, but the difference between a flower and a human is that humans have the ability to change their energy by cultivating a higher frequency in their bodies and energy fields.

(Did you know that humans are surrounded by a personal energy field? And did you know that the frequency of that field is determined by either unconscious thought/behavior or conscious intention?)

So what does all this have to do with politics? Well, about 75 million people imagine that if Joe Biden is elected president he will be the instrument to right all the perceived wrongs in this country. Of course, this can’t happen without the backing of the other two branches of government, but never mind that—the fallacy is imaging that legislation or regulation has the power to change how people think and behave—(legislatively, we’ve had racial equality/justice for over 50 years, how's that been workin' out?)—when the only real power exists at the level of energy, of frequency—of Consciousness.

In fact: The only true and the lasting remedy against the forces of destruction running rampant, is a critical mass of enlightened Consciousness permeating our Quantum Reality.

So—in the same way that a group practicing Transcendental Meditation demonstrated that they could affect the crime rate in Washington D.C. (Google it), a critical mass of humans who choose to cultivate a higher frequency of Consciousness in their own bodies and fields could, with the right intention, change the world.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you call yourself ‘spiritual’ or if you ‘do’ yoga. If you don’t understand that you are responsible for what you see ‘out there’—that you are either a conscious contributor of Light or an unconscious participant in creating our collective reality—then you don’t understand enough and you need to up your game.

So if you haven’t chosen to upgrade your own game, if you haven’t chosen to elevate the frequency of your energy field, if you haven’t chosen to move yourself from your head to your Heart, if you haven’t chosen to identify with Consciousness rather than personality, position, possessions or politics, if you haven’t chosen to recognize our Oneness and begin to function as part of the Whole, if you haven’t chosen to align yourself with the Cosmic forces that are supporting and encouraging us in transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All, then the current state of insanity on the planet is on your head.

Get with the program, because if we—collectively—don’t make it better, it’s just gonna get worse. Politics, babycakes, is not the answer—YOU are.


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