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It's not rocket science...

…but it is physics. According to Tesla, “If you want to understand the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

I think we can agree that everything is essentially energy, and maybe we recognize that every different thing vibrates at a particular frequency. So think of, and feel into, the difference between a rose and a boulder, anger and kindness, the colors green and red, thrash and the blues, a steak and a pear. Get it?

We humans vibrate at different frequencies as well. If we look at it culturally, we can feel into the difference between traditional Japanese and modern Italian sensibilities for instance: the one reserved, minimalistic, controlled, the other exuberant, volatile, indulgent.

Then we make it personal: what is the state of our emotional energy field—aggressive, fearful, insecure, unhappy, angry —or harmonic? Are we at peace within ourselves? Because if we are, we will not be looking at others and finding fault. We will rest, composed, in a state of alignment.

What is the condition of our mental/psychological energy field—agitated, distracted, judgmental, analytical—or quiescent? Do we choose and discriminate regarding what we do with our attention? Do we direct it towards that which uplifts and inspires, or are we attracted to and distracted by that which agitates?

Is the focus of our energy concentrated in our head or our heart? How do we treat our neighbors—do we Love them as ourselves? What exactly is the quality/frequency we are generating in our personal energy field and expressing into our community? Check yourself and see: what is the quality of energy you are bringing into your community, and the world?

If we’d prefer to vibrate in the range of Harmony, if we'd like to be at peace within, if we've had enough of agitated reactivity—then it’s a question of where we’re putting our attention, how we engage with what shows up in front of us, and the frequency we are cultivating—consciously, or unconsciously, with every choice we make.

Start paying attention, and make choices according to what you would have as a result.

(And you may like to watch the short videos here)


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