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Just be, in the moment, and breathe... the title of one of the songs sung to/through me by Source. And in this moment, it feels like what we're being asked to do. Here in Montana, things are beginning to open up again, and in a way it's too bad, because I think people have not had, or taken, the opportunity to really dive deep inside and discover: who am I?

Who am I when everything outside myself is stripped away? Who am I when I don't have an audience to perform for? Who am I when I'm not fulfilling a specific function? Who am I at my core, and how am I meant to express and contribute that to the community at large—the family of man?

In order to discover who you are, it requires being still enough, and quiet enough—not meditation—but simply a relaxed body and a quiescent mind, allowing the breath to flow without control, and being attentive to what the Heart might like to say.


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