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Just Beyond The Veil

Do you know why the expression ‘beyond the veil’ is used to describe the state of connection to full Consciousness?

It’s because that Consciousness, that Light-aspect of what we are in Truth, is so close as to not actually be separate from the organism we think we are. And what separates us from That is so fine, so ephemeral, it barely exists.

The irony is, we create that separation by our insistence on clinging to identification with the body/mind/personality. “This is me”—defining ourselves as so-and-so, such-and-such, and by so doing place ourselves securely in a prison of our own making— trapped.

And the suggestion that there’s something greater seems to evoke an irrational fear that we won’t still be ‘ourselves,’ and/or a resistance based on the idea we’ll lose the pleasure of the sensory/sensual aspect of life.

But that’s just not so. The enjoyment is still there, the pleasure is still there, even heightened, because we are fully present to the moment and not filtering it through some emotional or psychological lens.

The only thing that disappears when we take that little step is the suffering—because once no longer locked into the human identity, the constructs that keeps us mired and wallowing in our emotional/psychological prison are dissolved and we are free to experience what life has to offer at a Higher Reality.

If this sounds attractive, take a giant step back from the character you’re so identified with—in pride, arrogance, shame or distress—and melt into the arms of the One who really Loves you—who would embrace you, merge with you, and welcome you—just beyond the veil.


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