• Sahara Devi

Just One Degree

If a navigational heading is shifted by just one degree, and you leave NYC heading for LA, with a one degree deviation you can end up in Oregon.

What if humanity had a one degree shift in Consciousness? What if a critical number of us not only realized but acted upon the understanding that all Life is interrelated, and that any harm done to any portion is harm done to the whole?

What is needed is for We the People to make a simple shift in Consciousness. A shift from ‘my’ to ‘our’—from short-term profit to long-term stewardship. A shift that recognizes we have become a global village and that our family is now the Family of Man. Not only because we are only a plane ride away from being infected by some new mutated virus, but because we recognize that “when a butterfly flaps its wings in China, the effect is felt around the world.”

Please understand: the only true and the lasting remedy against the forces of destruction running rampant, is a critical mass of enlightened Consciousness permeating our Quantum Reality.

So stop fiddling while the wildfires of unconsciousness are raging across the world—and WTFU. 

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