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Light—Love—Frequency—& You

In the same way that a force emerged in the 20th Century to move us from the practice of traditional religion to the more expansive and inclusive ‘spirituality,’ at this time there is a new force emerging to move us from the old concepts of spirituality into the realization that there is another level of be-ing to embrace: Upgrading the frequency we carry, and choosing to live as an Embodiment of Love.

After all, the planet is in dire straits and we’re told a new Golden Age is imminent (and immanent)—what’s so surprising about an invitation to step right over the threshold into an alternative reality and find ourselves in Heaven on Earth? As one who has experienced magic and miracles galore, nothing.

But it’s not going to happen by some Fairy Godmother waving a wand and hey-presto, our rags have turned into silks and we’re wearing crystal slippers and tiaras. It requires each one of us, from moment to moment, choosing Love in the face of anything and everything that arises, over and over, until we’ve dissolved all the not-Love within us right out of existence.

In fact: the ONLY way we will change the world to reflect our Heart’s desire—for the end of suffering, for unpolluted air and water, for peace and all the goodness we know can exist—is for each one to choose to be the highest expression of the Divine Impulse we can be in each moment. You want to know your Life’s purpose? That’s it. And it is also our ultimate Destiny: to embody Love. Everything else we desire will come from that. I promise you.


One well-known Master's catchphrase is: Love is God, Live in Love.

And a very nice statement it is, but what exactly does it mean? And more importantly, how do we do this?

First, we have to understand that we are not simply human beings, nor are we even “spiritual beings having a human experience” as is commonly expressed in certain circles. We are, much more profoundly, the Supreme Creative Intelligence, the Omni-everything, expressing through and as the unique, very human, beings that we are. “I and my Father are One” is true for each of us. And the highest expression of the Supreme Creative Intelligence is Love with a capital L.

So if we want to know ourselves as the highest possible manifestation of our greatest possible potential, we have to cultivate and generate that quality of Love—intentionally bringing that frequency and actively expressing that attribute in all our encounters.

For some people this comes naturally—don’t ask me why—but some of us have to work at it. Where to begin? What most don’t realize is that in order to be Loving, we first have to Love ourselves. What a concept! It caught me by surprise. But I can tell you, for all my Awareness, when I was introduced to the concept and immersed myself in the practice, it changed my life dramatically—in one week! And while it may take you a little longer depending on the state you’re starting from, you will be absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Remember: we are essentially, energy, energy vibrates at different frequencies, and the higher the frequency the Lighter we are. And the Lighter we are—the sweeter our experience.

If you would explore this surprisingly simple but profound exercise, watch the Pecha Kucha video—and turn yourself into an Embodiment of Love.

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