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Living in a Body—Let Love Rule

Living in a body is a very demanding exercise—and those of us who would see Love rule made the choice to do that, and to be in this place/time to participate in the evolutionary process occurring on Planet Earth/2021.

The ‘problem’ anyone has as a human, is first, getting lost in the human experience (a given at the outset, and the challenge of existence) and forgetting the fact that we are eternal Light-beings and have the capacity to know ourselves as such—which, when we do, makes the exercise much simpler, sweeter, and lot more fun.

The second cause of a human’s problem results from the first, the focusing on self and satisfying self—not understanding the nature of Oneness:

That the whole, united, is greater than the sum of its parts—and so when we, as components, consciously contribute all we are/have/do toward the well-being of all, we create a condition in the whole of such Glory that the benefit derived by each is multiplied exponentially and life becomes quite wonder-full.

You who would see Love rule are cordially invited to turn your attention away from exclusive self-satisfaction, and discover the fulfillment of living as Consciousness in a body, the joy of conscious connection to All-That-Is, and the delight of life as an Embodiment of Love.*

*This is by no means saying ignore your needs. Especially now, during this chaotic, transformative time, it’s important to be sensitive to what the body is asking for in terms of rest, quietude, and nourishing food. A soak in scented water, a massage… Sahara

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