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What’s the point of manifestation if after you’ve obtained whatever it is you think you want, the one you think you are is still there, dissatisfied?

If you are intrigued by the idea of manifestation, why don’t you manifest a quiet mind? Why don’t you manifest serenity? Why don’t you manifest a Loving Heart? Abounding Joy?

It’s not a question of obtaining—objects, achievements, relationships, wealth or acclaim—or of arranging your world in a manner that you imagine will create the most comfortable environment or circumstance.

It’s a question of letting go of what you consider to be the personal identity that you cling to regardless of the suffering it brings you.

The current very trendy idea of manifestation is simply another distraction that embroils you in the personal, keeping you engaged in desire and preventing you from relaxing into and dwelling in your True Nature.

If you imagine you are a someone—whatever the vicissitudes of that someone’s life, for good or ill—all the energetic roiling of life-on-earth is going to be experienced as waves of disturbance in the body and being, tossing that someone about as if on a stormy sea.

However, if the ‘you’ you think you are is able to dissolve into the expansive Awareness you are in Truth, that elevated state perceives those waves as if from great heights—where they are of no more consequence than a microbe is to the someone.

Pleasure and pain may still be experienced, but one is no longer striving for the one and shrinking from the other.

Peace reigns. Love is. Suffering ends.


Still want to manifest?

Fully embodied Consciousness—manifest that.

Excerpt from: The Evolution Revolution: 2021


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